Chip Brite 500 System

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, the Chip Brite® System enables quick, consistent and thorough cleaning that impacts all chip surfaces, insuring contaminants are gently removed even from small recesses and blind holes.

Bulk loads of chips are cleaned, rinsed, and coated with an anti-slip solution and ready to go back to the tables in less than 30 minutes, allowing casinos’ to keep their chips in pristine condition without impacting operations.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

During the ultrasonic wash, a bulk load of chips are immersed in the cleaning solution by a submersible rotary basket. Millions of tiny bubbles are generated and propelled by the ultrasonic action to gently lift dirt from the chip surface without imparting damage to implanted sensors. The rotary basket enables the ultrasonic cleaning action to impact all chip surfaces and restore overall chip colour and sharpness. The chips are then rinsed and coated in anti-slip solution, which ensures the chips’ stability. The chips can be cleaned and ready to take from the drying station to the gaming tables in less than 30 minutes..

Appearance, Handling and Sanitation

Gaming chips are handled daily by a large number of hands, ranging from the scrubbed, perfectly manicured to the filthy and poorly washed. Poker chips trap dirt and germs inside the crevices of the chip, affecting appearance, handling, and sanitation. Players often touch their fingers to their mouths during play. Aside from the matter of general hygiene, the possibility of disease transmission is a consideration. With the rising incidence of diseases such as the Norovirus on cruise ships, frequent cleaning and sanitization regimes are rigorously enforced. Color muted, dirty chips reflect badly on the casino.

The Chip Brite® 300 System eliminates dirt and grime, leaving behind attractive gaming chips.