The Chip Brite System introduces a new patent pending technology affording a fast, efficient ultrasonic method to clean casino chips. Bulk loads of chips are immersed in a gentle solution using a submersible rotating basket... They are cleaned, rinsed, disinfected, and coated with an anti-slip coating. Cleaner, brighter chips and tokens are sure to benefit a casino's image. Patrons and employees, can now handle attractive, disinfected chips.

The Chip Brite solution chemistry + the energy from Ultrasonic cavitation gently, but thoroughly, cleans your chips.

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, millions of cavitation bubbles in the Chip Brite System implode. This energy couples with the cleaning solutions to remove and surround dirt and grime from textured surfaces and recessed areas. The submersible basket gently separates the batch of chips exposing all chip geometry to the cleaning. Each system includes two ultrasonic stations, a rotating submersible basket with a lift assist arm, a coating and a dry station.

IV-7 is a microbial disinfectant proven to kill viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens when used as instructed.