CB-20X(Concentrated Powder cleaner) (Code: )

CB-20X(Concentrated Powder cleaner)

We are excited to announce the release of a new cleaning product formulated for use in our Chip Brite ultrasonic cleaning systems. The CB-20X performance in the field has received rave reviews. For costing purposes, the following only includes the cost for the CB-Z1 cleaning solutions versus the CB-20X cleaning powder.

  • CB-Z1 at $40/gal. is used at 1qt./ 5 gallon ultrasonic tank - With 5 gallons of CB-Z1, approximately 20,000 chips can be  cleaned.
    • $55 cleans 20,000chips = $0.00275/chip  
  • CB-20X at $195/1000g is used at 20g / 5 gallon tank  With 1000g of CB-20X, approximately 250,000 chips can be cleaned.
    • $195 cleans 150,000 chips = $0.0013/chip

The CB-20X powder offers a > 50% savings vs. CB-Z1 (without taking the shipping weight savings into consideration)

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